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Commercial Metal Roofing
Commercial Metal Roofing
Nu-Ray Metal ProductsAbout Nu-Ray Metals Roofs:

Energy EfficientIn summer, a metal roof reflects most of the heat that a standard composite roof absorbs. In winter, metal roofing acts as a radiant heat barrier to retain heat inside the structure. Heating and cooling bills can be reduced while improving the comfort level of your home.

Long LastingMetal roofing will not rot, crack, shrink, chip or erode. Wide color selection. Attractive life cycle costs and a truly dependable product. Minimal maintenance and in most cases metal roofing will last the lifetime of the building.

Ecological ViewpointSteel is 100% recyclable, and is the most recycled metal on earth. Steel can be reused indefinitely without compromising it’s quality, durability and strength. Asphalt shingles are commonly replaced every seven to ten years and at annual expense pf 1.36 billion pounds of waste is dumped in landfills. Over ten million barrels of oil is used for it’s production.

Non-combustibleMetal roofing does not burn or support combustion. In fire-prone areas metal roofing is the safest. Metal roofing may even lower your homeowners insurance.

Roofing on steroidsMetal roofing has the greatest strength per pound of any roofing material. Despite metal roofing is light weight, metal roofing will handle heavy snow loads and extreme wind conditions up to 140mph.

Light weight roofingOne-half to one-third the weight of typical composition roofs. Metal roofing requires the same minimal structural requirements as standard composition roofing.

Quite roofingIn modern applications over sheeting, insulation, attic air spaces and vapor barriers, rain or hill hitting metal roofing is as quite inside the house as asphalt, cedar shake,tile or slate roofing.

Roofing free estimateMetal roofing is a smart choice for residents in Washington state to help save you money in the long run. Metal roofing has amazing strength with beautiful elegance. So call us now so we can talk to you about your new metal roof.



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