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TPO Roofing
Before Residential Torch Down Roofing
After Residential Torch Down Roofing
Weatherability and long lifecycleTPO membranes are enhanced with a unique eight-component blend of antioxidants, UV absorbers, light stabilizers and heat stabilizers resulting in the most dependable long-term performance characteristics in the industry.

Energy efficiencyA smoother surface is the best way to maintain high reflectivity values. The top surface is designed to resist dirt, debris, mildew and bacterea buildup, meaning you get a cleaner, more solar-reflective membrane throughout the life of the roof.

Chemical resistant roofing– Animal oils, eggs and egg powder.
– Boric acid, freon, fertilizer salts and liquids.
– Brick/masonry cleaners.
– Gelatin, glue and glycol (liquid).
– Iron sulphate and mercury.
– Oleic acid (unsaturated fatty acid).
– Oxalic acid (bleaching agent).
– Peanut oil and urea (liquid).
– Photo developers and fixing baths.
– Soap solutions and starch (liquid or syrup).
– Stearic acid, sulfuric acid, sea and waste water.

Cost Effective RoofWide membrane sheets mean fewer seams and that means lower labor costs compared to other roofing systems. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Easier to clean and maintain saving you even more money. Resistant to rooftop traffic with minimal disruption.

Roofing free estimateTPO roofing is a smart choice for residents in Washington state to help save you money and also save you money in the long run. So call us now so we can talk to you about your new TPO roof for your commercial building.



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