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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the company incorporated?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. is a Washington corporation registered and in good standings with the State.

(In Washington, a corporation must be in good standing with the Secretary of State.  This is a matter of public record so it gives the buyer one more avenue to check out a company’s credibility.)


How long has the company been located at the present address?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. has been at the same location for over 34 years.

(This can help eliminate storm chasing out of state contractors, who may leave town before completion of your job.  This also may leave you without a warranty.)


What kind of insurance does the company have?

(A contractor should carry general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance to protect you in the event of a roofing accident.)


Is the company a licensed contractor?

(This information can be verified on the Washington state labor industry website.)  Click Here

How long has the company been in business?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. has the experience and up to date knowledge of the industry to take care if your job in accordance with manufacturers specifications and building code requirements.  We have been in business for over 27 years.

(A better questions would be, “What is the company’s experience and background?”  A smart buyer looks beyond the number of years in business and instead looks for experienced contractors who will provide references and up to date knowledge of the industry.)


Will the company provide references from previous jobs?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. will be glad to give you as many references as you may want.  This includes references from our past customers, custom home builders, and/or suppliers.

(Request a list of names and phone numbers of customers.  However, realize that the contractor may have customers who do not want this information given out.  Do not discount references from jobs that may have been done a few years ago because those are time proven.) 


When is payment due?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. never asks for a deposit or money up front unless you require special ordered materials.  However we do ask for prompt payment when job is completed.

(Unless you require order materials, payment should never be made prior to completion of the job.  Most contractors pay labor and materials upon completion and greatly appreciate prompt payment.)


How long will the job take?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. uses qualified crews to shorten the construction time and minimize the disturbance to you and your neighbors. We will respect your house and property.

(In most cases it should only take 1-2 days to tear off and replace your roof.  The size and weather should also be considered.)


What happens if the weather turns bad and you’re in the middle of a job?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. can and will assure you that all necessary precautions will be taken.

(A good contractor has already planned ahead for this and will take all necessary precautions to make sure your roof and home are not damaged.  Ask the contractor what procedures he will use in this event to safeguard your home.)


Why are some bids so different from others?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. will give you a fair bid based on the building codes, material specifications, and your preferences.

(Do you know who is bidding the apples, who is bidding the oranges?  Make sure that materials, application, tear off and warranties are the same.  If you have more than two bids and one is different from the rest, this might be a good reliable contractor who may not always be the lowest or highest.   Before any decision is made make sure that each contractor has the chance to bid on the same thing.)


Can I see samples?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. will show, and explain to you samples of each product that might interest you.

(Any contractor that is unwilling to show you product samples may be selling you lemons.)


Can I get my rain gutters replaced at the same time?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. can do your rain gutters for you.

(If your plans include rain gutter replacement, this is the very best time to have them replaced.  Roof damage can occur especially on the edges when gutters are installed, so it is best to have them replaced at the same time as your roof.)


What happens to all the nails and debris?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. will clean up the job site daily and haul away debris when the job is completed.  Also we will sweep your yard with a magnet for stray nails.

(A good company uses a magnet to pick up stray nails.  All debris should be hauled away.  Make sure your contract includes clean-up.)


All my neighbors roofs were totaled by their insurance companies after a recent storm.  My agent said I didn’t need a new roof.  How is this possible?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. has the experience required to effectively negotiate with your insurance company to assure of the most equitable and prompt settlement possible.

(You should ask a contractor that has the necessary experience required to negotiate with insurance company.  A contractor that has dealt in insurance clams can explain to you why you may not have a claim or why he feels it is worthwhile to try to negotiate with your insurance company.  If your contractor ends up successfully negotiating with your insurance company,  PLEASE be thoughtful enough to award him with your business.)


What if the decking on my house needs replacing?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. will assess the condition of your roof decking and notify you of any necessary repairs.  Northwest Roof Service Inc. will repair the damage for a small additional fee.  If this is an insurance claim, your insurance company should pay for this.

(A good roofing contractor should check for damage or bad decking and bring it to your attention if there is some that needs to be replaced.)


Do I need to provide anything for the workers?

(During the work process the workmen do not need to have access to the inside of your house except for emergency purposes.  They are instructed to protect your privacy and provide their own necessity items and use other facilities.  Any hospitality you extend to them should be completely self generated and not obligatory.)

What services do you provide?

Northwest Roof Service Inc. Provides service for all commercial and residential roofing phases. Including commercial flat roofing, commercial pitched roofing, residential flat roofing, residential pitched roofing, service, and maintenance.


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